libragirl_77 (libragirl_77) wrote,

Today both boys had school, so we tackled a bunch of stuff.
~ Went to Audri's and taped off her bedroom so she can paint it.
~ Justin fixed Bear's kennel. Again.
~ Went to my parent's house where:
~my dad could cut the boards for the deck
~I helped mom work on her Paypal acct.
~I helped my mom with some other internet things.
~ Justin worked on the deck railings, it's starting to look really nice now!
~ Got a sitter secured for tomorrow night so I can take my hubby to Red Lobster.
Logan is all better. He can eat and talk and smile now *LOL*

I'm thinking about taking some belly shots this evening :) 3.5 weeks left!!!
Tags: logan, pics

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